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Deteriorated or inadequately installed roof systems are sometimes breached causing water ingress into the building during rainy days. Leaks need to be stopped as soon as they are detected to prevent damage to the other components of the building, property inside, or compromise the building occupant's health and safety by promoting mold growth.

Due to a great variety of building configurations, structures, and materials used for roof installations, specialized and capable individuals need to be employed to detect and repair the point of water ingress into the system. Such individuals need also to be knowledgeable and aware of the safety measures required to perform the temporary repair in a safely manner.





Existing roof systems need to be maintained and cleaned on a regular basis, generally twice a year. Roof Maintenance is done to help the roof system be able to reach is expected service life. When roof maintenance is neglected, roof systems can sustain damage that needs to be repaired to prevent premature deterioration or failure.

Sometimes temporary/emergency repairs, implemented during leak investigations, need to be permanently repaired when circumstances during the leak investigation did not allowed to perform a permanent repair. Roof repairs are also needed to correct deficient roof systems installation or to extend the life of an old roof system






The installation of a new roof system is a process that consists of different stages or layers, each one with its own characteristics and specifications. Roof systems installed nowadays are complicated systems designed, in many occasions, for the particular building on which they are being installed. Inspection of the various stages of installation is recommended to insure proper and adequate application and materials use. Not following specifications or incorrect materials use in any of the installation stages could cause premature deterioration or the roof system failure.  Through Roof Inspections, poor practices or deficiencies are detected and corrections recommended to diminish the possibility of an improperly installed roof system.






Roof Condition Assessments are conducted with the purpose of identifying deficiencies or damage that could compromise the integrity of an aged roof system. After the assessment is completed, suggested actions are provided aiming to prolong the lifespan of the roof system.




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